Sarah and Suzie, the creators of Sleeping Bear Rocks, have been blessed with growing up on the pristine shores of Lake Michigan. During the many blissful hours of strolling the beaches and swimming in the cool, blue water, they have both developed a special place in their souls for all of the wonderous elements that make Northern Michigan and its shoreline a magical place. The majestic Sleeping Bear Dunes have served as a constant backdrop for their childhoods, watching over the land and its community as only a mother bear could. The petoskey stone features prominently among the most elusive and unique treasures Lake Michigan has to offer. For many, the finding of one of these fresh water gems is a right of passage; a true Northern Michigan claim to fame and a prized souvenir for young and old alike. The search for the petoskey soothes the soul while the victory of the find creates pride and excitement. Our mission is to capture the wonder and beauty of our beloved home, her endless shores, crystal clear waters, and all the treasures the area offers both physically and spiritually. Thank you for sharing the love of the Sleeping Bear Dunes and her majesty.